Biology is no more tough

January 23, 2019

Hey guys today I have got some awesome tricks for making biology easy for you and you can easily score good marks in it. These tricks are for classes 6 to 12 for ICSE, CBSE, ISC examinations. If you learn these tricks and implement them, then biology will become easy as well as interesting for you. So let’s get started. My first point is that you must relate whatever you study with real life experiences. For example: we all know that WBC (White Blood Cell) is referred to as the soldiers of our body as it engulfs the foreign particles so that it does not cause any harm to our body. Now, suppose a child is not able to remember it, so as I said previously, we will relate it with real life experience. We will consider our body to be our home and WBC to be our security guard and obviously if any thief enters our home then just as the security guard will drive him away in the same way WBC will engulf the foreign particle so that it does not cause any harm to our body. Now the second point is that you have to make notes of whatever you read. These notes will help you during the exam time for sure. When you will be revising for your exams then you don’t need to study the whole book, just go through the notes and you will get yourself prepared for the exams. My third point is self-assessment which means you have to judge yourself that how much you are prepared over that chapter. But judging yourself does not refer to solving of the questions given in the book only, it means going to other websites and playing quiz and searching for more questions on the net. This will help you to broaden the ideas of question pattern in the exam. My last point is based on a tag line which is, “Don’t be a book-worm” , this means don’t get yourself bound within the pages of the books, instead, you must check other websites, apps, etc. And check for more informations on google. This will help you to get the detailed information about that chapter and make biology much more interesting to you.