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BITM – Bengal Institute Of Technology And Management

Santiniketan Sriniketan Bypasss P.O Dwaranda West Bengal

College Details

The Department strives to create a vibrant knowledge base environment in the department to empower students with professional & personal excellence.
  • The department envisages instilling managerial qualities among the students with an ability to harness a latest trends and developments in the field of management and technology.
  • The teaching facility is a carefully put together team of varied real world managerial experiences.
  • Apart from the core faculty who act as in campus mentors and student guides, business leaders, corporate bigwigs, industrialists, professional consultants from the other segment of the teaching faculty visit the campus and interact with students through regular classroom sessions, seminars, workshops and discussions.
  • The student at the end of the day is bombarded with such high quality challenging inputs that the tenure in the institute becomes rigorous, demanding and achievement compelling.
  • The department is provided with the state-of-the art class rooms, air condition seminar hall, computer lab and extensive knowledge resource bank of valuable references libraries and internet connectivity.
  • The department has a separate Forum named as “Innovative Managers Forum’, which interacts with corporate executives, bringing in speakers, and participate in Management fests.
  • The department had conducted a Management fest “Abhivrudhi 2008” wherein participants of various business schools participated.

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Courses Offered


Duration - 2 years | Total Course Fee -1,95,000/-


Duration - 2 years | Total Course Fee -1,95,000/-


Duration - 3 years | Total Course Fee -1,14,000/-


Duration - 3 years | Total Course Fee -1,87,000/-


Duration - 3 years | Total Course Fee -1,14,000/-

Institute Highlights


We would like to be a Leading B-School in the Country with a Humane and Global Outlook.


To provide Value based Management Education to Graduates by enhancing their knowledge and skills through effective linkages with the corporate world.

Values and Core Principles

The culture of the Institution is a shared system of values, beliefs, and attitudes that shapes and influences behaviour. The culture is determined through the organization from top to bottom and from generation to generation. We must live our values in order to continuously improve. We define our culture by seven core operating principles that guide us through our planning. While these principles do not in themselves define a strategy, a successful plan requires adhering to them.

  • Focus on Students: Our primary mission is not only to educate students in their chosen disciplines, but also to inspire them to become innovators, leaders, and positive contributors to society.
  • Strengthen Faculty and Staff: The faculty inspire and direct all we do academically, from basic education to discovery and the creation of new concepts, systems, and products. The staff delivers our administrative services and partner with the faculty to ensure an excellent student experience.
  • Foster Leadership and Ethical Decision-Making: Leadership and ethical decision-making are essential for growth of the person and the organization. Leadership development is an important component of education for all segments of the Institution-faculty, students, and staff. Succession planning is required to continuously promote excellence.
  • Commit to Diversity and Excellence: If we are to both remain relevant and attract the highest caliber of students, faculty, and staff, we must ensure that our TEAM is inclusive and open to all viewpoints. A culture of excellence must pervade the university in both academic and non-academic areas.
  • Focus on Resource Management: The financial well-being of the institution is critical for our success. We will embrace responsibility-centered management to achieve financial strength and expect that all members of the BITM TEAM, including alumni, are responsible for enhancing our resources.
  • Heighten Reputation: All units of the Institution will benefit from the recognition of any one of them; we must continuously work at gaining recognition as an Institution.
  • Engage Alumni: Our greatest legacy is our alumni and their many contributions to business and society. We will celebrate their many achievements as a foundation of the BITM story. We will engage our alumni in planning for the future of BITM and rely upon our alumni for their involvement and philanthropic support in the execution of this plan.