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Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce

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Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce

college in India, situated in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. The College was established in 1943 by the Deccan Education Society with a view to providing enlightened leadership and trained The Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) is a pioneering, premier degree commerce manpower in the field of commerce and business to the country which was on the threshold of independence. The college is affiliated with the University of Pune and has produced many notable leaders, businessmen and industrialists like Sharad Pawar, Cyrus Poonawalla & Sulajja Firodia.

Prof. D. G. Karve, a renowned Economist and some time Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India was the First Principal of the College. Situated at the foot of the rugged Fergusson College Hill and dotted with lush green trees and shrubs all around, it has a most picturesque and inviting atmosphere. BMCC has recently earned the award of ‘College with potential for excellence’ from UGC.

Prof. D. G. Karve, a renowned economist and former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India was the First Principal of the College. After Prof. Karve several able, dedicated and distinguished Principals played a very significant role in the development of BMCC.

Prin. S. V. Kogekar, Prin. Dr. T. M. Joshi, Prin. N. A. Mavlankar, Prin. Dr. N. K. Kulkarni and Prin. Dr. C. G. Vaidya, played pivotal role in development of the college.

With great pleasure and privilege I extend my best wishes to you all. BMCC is a premier Institute with a great scholastic tradition of more than six decades. The students of BMCC have been performing at all levels with outstanding success. It has produced a large number of students who have rendered yeoman’s service in different walks of national life. The present students of BMCC have kept the torch of excellence burning bright even to this date in academics, sports and cultural events

Our parent body, Deccan Education Society, is entering the post centennial silver jubilee year. On this auspicious occasion, I appeal you to continue the rich heritage of the society in academics entrepreneurship and social service.

We aspire to acquire excellence by way of introducing new areas of Commerce education and providing support facilities to students.

The emblem of Deccan Education Society is depicted here. The Eagle with uplifted wings symbolizes high aspirations ; the knot at its feet stands for unity

The “Shree” verhead represents material prosperity and the crescent moon is a symbol of international contact through foreign commerce. The “Shree”and the crescent are special features symbolizing the characteristics of this college.

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