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Institute of Business Studies & Research

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IBSAR is a multi disciplinary business school focusing on actionable business programs. We ensure that our education is at all times relevant to business. We deliver well trained business leaders and managers who are able to influence across organizational boundaries. We are fully committed to high quality research. We continuously invest in research activities and recruitment of academic leaders in fields such as Strategy , OB , Finance , Marketing , Retail , Operations , General Management and IT. IBSAR offers you an outstanding learning environment by facilitating the best learning experience possible. Your learning experience will be influenced by the most recent developments in the field and delivered by experienced teachers, researchers, top management professionals and consultants. We draw on a deep pool of practitioners from a range of organizations. The school has entirely new insights and differentiation strategy to help management aspirants to grow into top ranking global professionals. The training at IBSAR starts from the word “go” as students have to manage the institute in all respects. Students are involved in admissions, administration, faculty selection, corporate interaction, project selections, internships, placements, various events and live projects. IBSAR TRUST approved and affiliated to Mumbai university and runs MMS/MCA/LLB/B.SC IT./B.SC Computer Science etc. IBSAR also is a leading provider of research and academic support to Tilak Maharastra University.

Institute of Business Studies and Research (IBSAR) an ISO 9001: 2000 certified institution is the brainchild of a group of professionals educated in India, US and Canada. The promoters are all MBA’s from world-class institutions and understand the importance of quality training and education in the management discipline. The managing trustee is a Ph.D in management and has publications in international journals to his credit alongwith two books. Hence, the promoters have the right background to establish and run a B- school. “IBSAR” in arabic stands for “light for the visually impaired persons” and this meaning is totally. interpreted in IBSAR , Navi Mumbai to train youngsters who need direction and guidance to build a career in management profession. IBSAR’s vision is to create a “world class quality institution for training young minds for the management profession”. This has to be done by keeping costs affordable and infrastructure both physical and academic most up-to-date and accessible. To this affect IBSAR’s infrastructure reasonably meets all the requirements of a good B- School.

IBSAR’s mission is to provide an opportunity to all aspiring youngsters who are considered average by their academic track record to learn and train in management discipline and convert these average individuals into first rate professionals. Those individual’s who could not get admission into a top elite B- schools but are highly talented and are trainable to assume significant role in management profession are our raw material. In nut shell our missions is to provide opportunities and support to average students to enable them to realize their ambition to join management profession and achieve their dream of a managerial career.

Our procedures, systems, pedagogy, faculty and infrastructure is totally geared towards achieving our vision and mission. There is a high degree of student participation in running the institution in its all activities alongwith the faculty.

All efforts in IBSAR are directed towards supporting our vision & mission and decisions are guided by their contribution they are likely to make towards enhancing and strengthening our vision and mission.


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Courses Offered


Duration - 2 years | Total Course Fee -5,30,000/-


Duration - 2 years | Total Course Fee -5,30,000/-


Duration - 3 years | Total Course Fee -2,39,000/-


Duration - 3 years | Total Course Fee -2,40,000/-

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