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Praxis Business School, Kolkata

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Vision & Mission | Praxis Business School

To become a trusted and influential management education institution that is equipped to make a compelling difference to the business world and the community.

To address the need for creating industry-ready global contributors by offering a management education experience founded on strong core values, built on the twin pillars of theory and practice, and designed to foster academic excellence and professional skills development through learning and knowledge sharing among all its stakeholders.



Industry Interface | Industry Academia Partnerships

A Business School prepares the student for a career in the industry. The success of a management program is dependent on the intensity of industry interface a B-school has – Praxis goes far beyond the occasional guest lectures and collaborates with the industry in identifying the changing business needs and co- creating and co-delivering industry-partnered programs to address those needs.

A Rare Honor – ICICI Bank has endowed the Dean’s Chair at Praxis

The efforts made at Praxis are being recognized by industry. ICICI Bank has endowed the Dean’s chair at Praxis Business School – a rare honor for any B-school in India. According to the terms of endowment, Praxis develops curriculum and case studies, creates certification courses and undertakes research in the area of ‘Banking and Financial Services Industry’.

ICICI Bank and PwC provide knowledge support for the one-year program in Business Analytics

Praxis Business School has pioneered an industry oriented and industry supported program in Business Analytics. It has collaborated intensively with PwC and ICICI Bank to put together a program that is rigorous, effective and relevant.

The program is aimed at equipping people with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue attractive careers in the rapidly growing field of Analytics.

Praxis collaborates with industry to offer concentration in industry verticals

Praxis offers industry-supported concentration in the following four industry verticals:

  • Business Analytics
  • Commercial Banking, Investments & Project Finance
  • Consumer Insights and Market Intelligence
  • E-Commerce

Praxis offers consulting services and training programs to the industry

Praxis Business School is recognized by the industry for the quality of its faculty team and the contemporariness of its curriculum. We accept requests for consulting assignments and training programs across functions and industry verticals. Some of our significant clients are

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Courses Offered


Duration - 2 Years | Total Course Fee -6,99,000/-


Duration - 2 Years | Total Course Fee -5,75,000/-


Duration - 2 year | Total Course Fee -/-

Institute Highlights

The program is designed to create ‘industry-ready’ business managers who can contribute meaningfully across varied sectors. The program aims to arm the students with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to perform well in the industry:

  • Sound understanding of various functions of business like Finance, Marketing, HR, Systems and Operations and the interdependencies between these functions
  • Ability to think and apply concepts in real-life situations across various verticals
  • Building the Right attitude for a compelling career such as adopting ethics as the underlying imperative, maintaining punctuality and the sanctity of deadlines, and working effectively in groups
  • Ability to maintain data discipline
  • Understanding the importance of soft skills


Praxis aims at combining the art and science of theoretical learning with virtues of practical training. The program at Praxis is on the one hand, rooted in the principles of academic rigor and discipline, and, on the other, designed to offer multiple touch-points with the industry.

Classroom sessions
The pedagogy at Praxis encourages students to think rather than learn by rote – the text book is a mere starting point. Faculty members expect students to come prepared with the concepts outlined in the text books – the class is the arena to take the discussion to a higher plane and to develop different perspectives.

Case studies
Case studies help in achieving three objectives. One, students get an opportunity to apply concepts to real life situations. Two, case studies require the students to discuss their points of view thus sharpening their analytical and communication skills. Three, case studies train students to assimilate multiple perspectives.

Term papers, business plans, book/article reviews
Term papers, book and article reviews ensure that the students seek knowledge beyond the text book. In some courses, students are required to create business plans – this requires them to understand the business environment, assimilate the different functional aspects of a business and create viable business models.

Projects give students exposure to the field and an insight into real life situations. The course will give an opportunity to students to handle ‘live’ projects, making their learning truly experiential.

Students at Praxis are made to deliver a number of presentations. This exercise, which emphasizes both content and style, trains students to structure their thoughts and increases their confidence in public speaking

Quizzes, which are scheduled through the year, ensure that learning is a continuous process rather than a sporadic effort heightened during year-end examinations. These test the student’s ability to apply the concepts to simulations of real-life situations. To reflect this, most examinations in Praxis are ‘open-book,’ i.e., students are allowed to refer to their books during the tests.

Developing the right attitude
The curriculum at Praxis aims to instill the right attitude for a compelling career:

  • Adopting ethics as the underlying imperative
  • Maintaining punctuality and the sanctity of deadlines
  • Maintaining data discipline
  • Understanding the importance of soft skills

Soft skills
Praxis believes that the one attribute common to all successful managers is their soft skill proficiency – their ability to communicate, handle themselves at work and relate with people within and outside the organization they work for. The curriculum at Praxis understands the need to give soft skills training the place it deserves. Soft skill training modules will be part of each trimester of study and will attempt to improve the student’s listening, speaking and presentation skills and make the student confident of conducting himself/ herself in formal, boardroom kind of situations, without losing sight of the virtues of empathy and team-work.

Academic evaluation system
The institute’s evaluation system is designed to continually assess the student’s performance with respect to the required standards of academic achievement. Apart from examinations, a student’s performance is assessed on the basis of participation, preparation of assignments, performances in projects, mid-term tests and surprise quizzes. The institute expects a minimum standard of academic performance for the award of the certificate. Failure to meet the minimum standards of performance would require a student to discontinue the program