Difference between MBA and PGDM

January 8, 2019

Difference between MBA and PGDM which course is better aicte offers PGDM and UGC recognized University offers MBA, Placement are good from both MBA and PGDM

Management post graduate courses are called as PGDM ,if an institute is an autonomous body means not affiliated to any university they want to provide management courses can’t offer MBA degree , can offer PGDM which must be affiliated to AICTE , MBA degree can be offered only by UGC recognised university that may be State university , Private university , Deemed university .
Generally any one may think that PGDM is a diploma degree but MBA & PGDM both are equivalent to Industry and corporate even, IIMs ,XLRIs offers PGDM/PGP degree .
Autonomous institute has got every right to design their own curriculum to teach, even they can upgrade it regularly . Often university syllabus is being outdated. So an autonomous institute include new chapters or alternate any other as per the requirements of MNCs or industries that means PGDM course is mostly industry relevant course.
Some university MBA programme have huge brand value in India .Such as FMS Delhi , Narseemonjee university , Symbiosis and many more .
If we look 8 out of 10 , B- schools offers PGDM PGP not MBA ,these provide PGDM & PGP is most desirable course in India, but I must say the growth of both courses are same as it depends upon an individual’s performance today to get a good job is tough but it is more tough to exist on that. If one can polish his or her skills accordingly can make a huge growth in their life.
So if you are going for a higher studies means management higher studies , whatever you choose MBA or PGDM doesn’t matter , what matters you have done management course from where, means which institute and how far you polished your skills and how far you worked on it . Individual skills is on higher priority.